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قد يكون العثور علي افضل جهاز (tv box)امرا صعب خصوصا عندما يكون اول جهاز تريد شراءه مع وجود العديد من الخيارات لكن ستجد عندنا مايناسبك

The age of the Satellites Dishes had gone and the Age of the Digital TV has Come

The term “IPTV” conceals a reception technology for digital television via modern broadband Internet connections. However,

IPTV offers much more than just “normal” TV – it opens up a number of new possibilities. We want to help you to get started in the new multimedia world of Internet television.

We Provide the Arabic Free to Air Channels into all the world, suitable for Arabic customers in Arabic and also Turkish TV, Kurdish TV, Asian TV, African TV, and others.

We launched the Digital TV online Shop in 2020 and we do our best to stock what we think you will need at a price you can afford. Many of our products are delivered free and we are doing our best to lower product prices in conjunction with manufacturers. We are based in Scotland and we ship to England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Continental Europe.


If you looking for something new, you are in the right place. We’ve got all the major models for you.

نريد مساعدتكم للبدء في عالم الوسائط المتعدده الجديد لتلفزيون الانترنت
نحن نوفر عدد من القنوات المجانيه علي الهواء في انحاء العالم مثل التلفزيون العربي٫التركي٫الاسيوي٫الافريقي٫وغيرها

نحن نوفر عليك عناء البحث عن أسعار اجهزة تي في بوكس على مختلف المتاجر المعروفة  وعروض اجهزة تي في بوكس للشراء بأقل الأسعار

TV Systems

NewVision offer you different TVs series  32 inch to 50 inch.Take television pleasure to the next level, thanks to Redline satellite receiver or Android OTT module input, which can be easily changed and compatible with all our PS series products .

Network Systems

Anyone who has experienced seemingly random disconnections while trying to surf the Web, stream movies or play online games understands the frustrations that come from poor wireless signal strength. NewVision offer you different Network devices to help you to enhance your wireless Network. Please contact our Hotline to get more informations,

Security Systems

CCTV Systems is a great way to improve your security. You can keep track of your business, home and family.

NewVision has a dedicated engineer who is highly skilled and experienced in installing security systems and equipment. We offer our customers advice and installation of security systems throughout Scotland and England.


We carry all models from all the major manufacturers. Whatever the brand, we’ve got just the right Remote control or the AC adapter for you.

لدينا جميع النماذج من اكبر الشركات المصنعه واكثر
ستجد ما هو مناسب لك ولاحتياجك
توجد مجموعه كبيره من الملحقات المتوافقه مع جميع صناديق التلفزيون الخاصه بنا
اجهزه التحكم(remote control)
المشترك الكهربائي(adapter)


You looking for Subscription and you don’t know which one is working on your Box, please send us an E-mail we will get back to you soon as possible with the solutions.

اشترك الان وتمتع بالرفاهيه مع اقل الاسعار وستجد مجموعه كبيره من القنوات العربيه والاسيويه والافريقيه والتركيه

اختر مايناسبك